Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rural vs suburban

Today I went to a backyard chicken class with my friend. It was neat and I at least gained some confidence to try for some chickens. There will probably be some trial and error like with the garden. I also hoping to have some turkeys for meat and a goat for milk. I will need to keep the turkeys away from the chickens.

Today the kids went to a babysitter and we got a lot done to get the condo ready. All the clutter has gone to thrift stores or boxed up in storage for when we move. I am glad we finally got someone to watch the kids because we got so much more done than every other weekend when they are around. Delia and Teddy had a good time and Cora did ok. She cried a little but she was able to calm down.

I can't wait until we get the place on the market. I hope it sells soon. With spring and summer around the corner I wish I could start gardening and homesteading this summer but it most likely won't happen this summer. We have been considering moving to Palmer. Mike would be able to work from home if he had an office. I am worried he have to go in to Anchorage pretty often and I don't want the carbon footprint of a long commute. He is willing to do a rideshare or a bus on the days he goes in. I am torn on whether to get a place in Anchorage with a decent yard and doing a urban homestead or moving to the Valley and getting a place on an acre and doing a larger homestead. I found a really nice preschool and swimming classes in Palmer. There are 2 good schools and the place I am eyeing is in a school district that has a 10 on I am used to living in the city though and I have friends in Anchorage. It would be hard to live farther away from Sarah and see them less and I couldn't convince her to move there herself ; ) I also like the idea of an urban homestead and don't need a lot of space if a house made good use of space. Anchorage is actually a suburb city and not very walkable and the new governor it will most likely not be making much effort on title 21 to improve that.

So we will look at places in both Anchorage and Palmer and hope our place doesn't take to long to sell.

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  1. There are a lot of plants you can plant in summer and in late summer. We're currently researching crops for our beginner homestead that we can plant and harvest in the fall/winter, grow inside on a sun porch, etc. From what I've seen, there are a lot of options- so don't get discouraged! :)