Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden Boxes

I got the idea to make garden boxes from pallets from a friend and this weekend we started making them at my friend Sarah's house so we can grow more vegetables this year. We used the instructions from this site.

Mike saw pictures from my friend's project and the website they got it from and said he would build them for us. We picked the pallets up for free from an air cargo place and got to work on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day with perfect weather for staying outside all day. The kids were pretty good. Sarah's friend helped her clear the leaves from her property. Mike took the pallets apart and built the boxes. I cut the pieces with a power tool and nursed the baby and we all helped with the kids. No one lost any limbs or digits so it was a good day.

It takes a little bit extra time to build garden boxes this way but it was using a material that would otherwise be thrown away and putting it to use and they are free. They are cool because we can put a bunch of raised beds on the property but if we ever have to move and the buyers don't want a yard filled with garden beds they are portable and can moved. It was a fun project and I even used a power tool to cut the pieces to size. We will be making more. Hopefully we will eventually get to make them for our mini homestead. 

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  1. You guys did such a great job with those pallets! I love recycling them- nothing is better than free wood <3