Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Backyard pets in Anchorage

One of the things I am looking forward the most about getting a new place is raising backyard animals for a local food source. I know a lot of people have backyard pets such as chickens in Anchorage but right now there is no code making them legal at the moment even though we do not restrict dog kennels and dogs in backyards.

The Anchorage Center for the Environemnt has this on their site about it http://akcenter.org/legalize-backyard-chickens-in-anchorage

Two and a half years ago, the Anchorage Assembly unanimously agreed to a new backyard pet code which would make backyard pets, such as chickens, legal in Anchorage.  This code has not yet been passed into law under the city's revised zoning code, which is finally being updated after 42 years. 

If you are a chicken owner, or care about building local, healthy food systems that connect you to your neighbors, then consider contacting your representatives on the Anchorage Assembly in favor of making backyard pets legal inAnchorage.  If you're really excited and want to make your voice heard, be sure to attend the Anchorage Assembly Meeting to testify on behalf of backyard pets on March 29, 2011, during the 6:00 p.m. portion of the meeting.  The meeting is held at the Assembly Chambers, Z.J. Loussac Library, 3600 Denali, Room 108.

WWMAS@muni.org contact for all Anchorage assembly members

Please contact the assembly to speak on behalf of backyard pets in Anchorage

Here is my letter

Anchorage Assembly members,

Two years ago you  unanimously agreed to a new backyard pet code that made backyard pets legal. Please pass a backyard pets code in the cities revised zoning code. Backyard pets such as chickens create a healthy local food systems right here in Anchorage. Backyard chickens control pests in the yard, create a great compost and lay eggs without creating a disturbance. If people can keep a kennel of sled dogs in their yard we should allow other backyard pets within reason.

Not allowing backyard pets does a great disservice to the people of Anchorage and restricts our rights. Please allow the houses and stables for backyard pets to be in backyard without huge setbacks from lot lines that make them illegal for most residents in Anchorage. There are no setbacks required for dog houses and there should not be any for other backyard pets. In cities across the US they allow backyard pets. There is no need to restrict them in Anchorage. They can be a great community builder and a great local food source in a location that needs more local food for our security. 

Thanks for your attention


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