Monday, October 24, 2011

Teddy is 3

I am getting bad at keeping this blog updated. Teddy turned 3 years old on October 7th. I can't believe that my little boy left babyhood and now toddlerhood behind.


You are now 3 years old. I can't believe how fast time flies. It seems like only yesterday I brought you home from the hospital and got a lesson in how different two babies could be. You have grown so much during your third year and have grown into a curious little boy. You went from barely saying any words to communicating in sentences.

I can't believe it has been 3 years since you were born. You were my healing birth and you actually latched on right away and had no issues breastfeeding. Breastfeeding became how you spent your first months. It seemed like you wanted to nurse 24/7 if you were awake and you didn't sleep very well. You woke all night long for 15 months. You were still waking 6 times on a good night when you turned 1. You didn't cry for hours but you were fussy baby. You wanted to nurse all the time and the only other time you were happy is if you were in a carrier and I was moving.  There was no chilling out in the bouncer like you sister used to do. Luckily I was ok with nursing in public by then and perfected the art of doing it discreetly. I learned how to nurse in the carrier and we just went out. With Delia I used to try to schedule it so I didn't have to NIP very often or I would do nurse in the car but with a second child I had to adapt.

You taught me that just because something worked with your other child doesn't mean that it works for every baby. You were night and day different than your older sister. You were fussy and irritable until you learned how to crawl. You woke up frequently at night and I tried all the tricks in the book but it didn't matter. I even taught you to put yourself to sleep in your crib because everything said that if they can put themselves to sleep they will do it at night. Wrong. I heard that going to a chiropractor could help fussy babies and even though you were 14 months I thought what the heck. I tried everything else at that point. The night after your adjustment you slept better than you ever did and only woke up twice. I took you a few other times and then you jumped out of your crib. I went to you earlier at first but it happen again.  I moved you to the bed with Delia and you stopped waking in the night completely and have you slept through the night ever since.

You were a very different toddler than Delia. You were all boy. You got into everything and you didn't learn after modeling something over and over. You had no fear at all and took risks. I had to hover around you at the playground because you could climb anything but would walk right off the side if I let you. You ignored all the dolls in the house and were fond of tools and banging with them. You were always hopping, crashing into things rolling, twirling, running, banging and climbing.

I got a little worried when you were not talking at 18 months and you were not following directions like Delia would at that age. You ended up qualifying for speech therapy. Now that you have grown I know that you understood everything we said you just had selective hearing and don't like to follow directions. You didn't say much until a few months after you turned 2 and then it was like a light went off and you really started talking. At first you were missing some major sounds like d and t but once you picked up those two sounds you were talking well. At your reevaluation for early intervention you were age appropriate in speech and had the speech of a 2.5 year old. It still amazes me how fast it can happen. You now can talk in complete sentences and have a large vocabulary. You have a good memory and pick up on things really fast. Once you started talking you also started asking why. You were very curious and wanted to know how everything worked.

Before you turned 2 you gave us a run for our money with aggressive behavior. That was the hardest thing I had to deal with as a parent. You started biting, hitting and scratching. The biting didn't last too long but it was followed by scratching. You were frustrated because you couldn't talk and you didn't realize just how bad what you were doing was. You got kicked out of an indoor playground once. I know people judged me for how you were acting and thought it came from me. I responded to you consistently every time and took you away and had you make the other kid feel better. You targeted kids younger than you. It was a trying time. You got through it though and you are now a very sweet little boy.

This summer you were finally big enough to use Delia's old balance bike. You took to it on the first day trying it and were soon running with the bike and gliding down hills on trails with your feet lifted the whole time. I was on a quest to find a  2 wheel bike that fit you and finally got one at a bike shop. They had to cut the seat for you. You never pedaled so you had to learn that but once you did we took the training wheels off and you learned at 2 years 10 months.

At 3 years old you love riding your bike, tools, yelling really loud, dragging, pulling, stomping, throwing and jumping. You like building things and pulling the wheels off of trucks. You have broken many toys. You can finally dress yourself but usually won't. You like cooking and playing dress up and acting silly. You talk really well and have a good vocabulary but you cannot pronounce blends, f, soft c, s or r which makes for some really cute words like wewereal, tilly, wog, and lide (cereal, silly, frog, slide) You are very loud and boisterous. You ask a lot of questions and remember things really well. You still do not follow directions or care if you now you aren't supposed to do something. You still sneak and get things you are not supposed to. You get cold very easily and don't like being outside for very long. I have to force you outside. You get cold very easily even when I dress you warm. You don't know letters, numbers or colors and that is ok.

Teddy after birth

Teddy 6 months

Teddy 1 year
Teddy 1.5

Teddy 2

Teddy 2.5

Teddy 3

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