Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cora is 1 year

I don't know where the past year has gone. It has flown by. I can't believe my baby is now a 1 year old. Her birthday was on September 14th so I am a little late with this post. Tomorrow is Delia's birthday so I have to do her post too.


I can't believe it has been a whole year since you were in such a hurry to arrive that Grandma wasn't here yet and we didn't make it to the hospital. You were born in the bathroom and caught by Sarah. We didn't know you were a girl or your name until you were here. Before I got pregnant I thought I was going to have a girl but once I was pregnant my intuition wasn't as strong. I think it was so I could really be surprised like I wanted. You were born with dark brown hair and I was thinking of naming you Edith and call you Edie because I thought you looked like one. I am glad I went with Cora instead because it fits you much better.

You were born with your own personality. You were even different in the womb so I guess I shouldn't of been surprised. You were some where in between your brother and sister as far as mellowness when you were born. You weren't as intense as Teddy but you weren't as mellow as Delia as a newborn. You liked to sleep in the swing and didn't like to be put anywhere else. You loved to be in the moby even if I wasn't moving a lot. You were a decent sleeper but had to be swaddled in your swing. You loved nursing but luckily gave me breaks too. Delia and Teddy liked you right away. Delia named her baby Cora and play acted the role of Cora's mom. She dressed her babies in your clothes and diapers. She loved holding you and when you got a little bigger carrying you. Teddy liked you too but we had to watch him because he didn't know that he couldn't wrestle you or grab you by the head. He still tries that.

You learned how to smile and laugh really early. You were laughing before you were a month and soon Teddy and Delia were cracking you up. It was a sign of what a happy baby you would become. You learned to sign for milk, yes, bye and eat. You can clap, play peek a boo, give kisses and shake your head yes to let us know you want something. Mommy not too good with signs or you probably would of learned more. You love to eat. Num num is one of the only words you say. You eat more than your brother and sister at a sitting sometimes and right now you will eat just about anything. I hope that doesn't go away. You were born sucking on your tongue and smacking your lips when you were hungry and you still do that. I remember you used to do that in your sleep and you were pretty noisy. We started food at 6 months and you took to it like a champ quickly developing your pincher grasp and mastering all kinds of textures. At a year you are now the easiest baby. You are pretty happy and you sleep pretty good most nights. You are starting to show your displeasure but you don't seem to be a get into everything kid or super emotional either. I am hoping that translates into an easy going toddler ; )

You were born with a muscle condition in your neck called torticollis. Your older sister had a milder version of it that went away at 4 months. I think it must of happen in utero that has my babies preferring one side. Your head tilted to the right and you favored looking to the left. I did stretches and encouraged your head to go the other way but you still had it at 5 months and it was affected your center of balance and your gross motor skills so we started physical therapy and brought you to the chiropractor. You improved a lot in not much time between the two but it took a long time for the tilt to disappear. You learned to get around by army crawling and eventually progressed to hands and knees crawling. The torticollis definitely affected your gross motor skills and you have a very cautious personality so you will probably take a while to walk. That is ok because we know you will.

Right now you like putting everything in your mouth, eating, music, nursing, riding in a baby carrier and watching your brother and sister.

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I wish I could hit the pause button and I will miss your baby years. It went way to fast the third time around. I am excited to see what is to come and to see you change and grow.

Happy Birthday

Cora as a newborn

 1 month

2 months

3 months

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