Friday, June 17, 2011

Cora is 9 months

Cora turned 9 months on the 14th. Time is flying by. She has been on the outside just as long as she was on the inside and is closing in on a year. It seems like only yesterday my surprise girl arrived who almost had a different name. I am glad we went with Cora my favorite. It definitely fits.

At 9 months Cora is going through separation anxiety big time and doesn't like being put down. She loves taking baths in the sink and with her brother and sister in the big bath. She loves eating and has quite the appetite for a 9 month old. Luckily she is still in the eat anything phase before toddler-hood pickiness sets in. Unfortunately that means dirt, sand, rocks and other chokeables look pretty tasty as well. She still has a hint of torticollis but most people wouldn't notice it anymore. It affected her gross motor skills but not too bad. Her physical therapist tested her at 6 months when she was 8 months. That doesn't stop her. She is army crawling and power rolling to get where she wants. Cora is signing milk, more and sometimes potty, clapping and babbling up a storm. She had a pincher grasp for a while and handles food like a champ.


She weighed 16 pounds 9 ounces is 26.85 inches long and has head circumference of 45.8 cm. That puts her at around the 20 percentile for height and weight and 90 percentile for her noggin. That makes her my smallest 9 month old. The pediatrician luckily thinks she is doing great and that is the size she meant to be.


  1. Oh my you've got one adorable daughter!!! Her name is just perfect for her too :) BTW... you're not invisible... stopping by from DS (delicatefade)

  2. Cora is so adorable, I LOVE her hair!!
    I am also stopping by from DS! I am your newest blog follower. I just started my blog recently if you want to check it out!