Monday, May 2, 2011

Teddy graduated speech therapy

Teddy had his evaluation for speech therapy today. It has been a year since he started getting services for Early Intervention. He has been doing great talking lately and speaks in 3-4 word sentences regularly and just recently acquired a lot of the sounds he was having difficulty with like l, d and t. There are still a few he doesn't say correctly but he can substitute since he has more sounds at his disposal. Since he learned those sounds he taken off even more and repeats everything and has new words every day. I can't even really count any more. I am amazed what he can say now when just a short while ago he wasn't saying nearly what he does now and he barely talked at all at 2.

He had his evaluation today. His speech therapist and the social worker who was there for his initial evaluation and his early appointments were really impressed at how well he was doing. He came back at around his age level at between 28-32 months in most areas including receptive, expressive language, self help and cognitive. He was around 24 months for social emotional and 36 months for fine motor skills. His gross motor scored at 25 months but they don't feel that was accurate for Teddy. He only scored a little lower in that area because he doesn't go up and down stairs one foot at a time. The steps for our condo are really tall  and he is short. They didn't ask a lot of questions in gross motor skills area.

Except for the gross motor I think his scores were pretty accurate. I think he has finally caught up in speech lately. He is more immature then Delia was at 2.5 so I can see how he scored lower there. He is actually a very social little guy but very immature and active and sensory seeking with a short attention span. All in all he is doing great and is right where he should be. They have no concerns about him and think he actually is doing better than he scored because of the way the questions are. They were very excited to see how far he has come since he started therapy a year ago. They said that it isn't very often a kid is speaking in 3 word sentences at their reevaluations when they are in for speech.
Teddy in an airplane. Look at that
Teddy showing off his motor skills

We went to a signing times concert recently

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