Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the market

Today was a good day. Our condo is officially on the market. It will be up on the major websites in 2-3 days. Delia had a parent teacher conference that went well. She still is a little shy in some areas but she is doing much better than in the beginning of the year. The weather was nice and spring like and the snow melted enough for the kids to ride their balance bikes. Teddy is doing pretty good for just starting out. I went to a gardening class with my friend Sarah. We go every year and some stuff is repeat but you learn something new every time. We brought some tomatoes and celery. She is keeping the tomatoes at her place. The guy doing the class estimated if conditions are right and the tomatoes do good they could get 30-40 from one plant! This year we will need to buy all the greenhouse and cold frame stuff as plants since you need to start the seeds early.

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