Friday, April 8, 2011

The little ones

Teddy turned 2.5 the other day. I can't believe we already halfway through his third year. That doesn't seem possible. At 2.5 Teddy is now speaking in short sentences. The other day he said the word Dillingham. He repeats everything so I can't keep track of his words anymore. Teddy strips at any opportunity he gets. He loves pretending to cook and dumping things into pots and pans. He dumps toys into boxes and is constantly rearranging things. He is always sneaking into the fridge and trying to pour himself milk to drink or cook with or grabbing english mufffins that were not toasted. He likes tools and hammers and vehicles. He loves airplanes and rockets and thinks his dad goes on rocket ship airplanes. He still hates wearing anything on his feet unless we are outside and it is really cold. He has a tendency to get fussy when we play outside even with hand and foot warmers. He doesn't like wearing all the layers or feeling even a little cold in his face. He is very active and climbs and crashes into things and loves climbing, rolling, riding the balance bike, jumping and wrestling. He is definitely all boy. He asks for a bandaid every time he bumps or falls. He is also very affectionate and loves giving hugs and kisses.

Cora has been in physical therapy and seeing a chiropractor for a month now for torticollis. She is doing pretty good. Her tilt is less prominent. She looks to the right better now. She wasn't rolling back to front and wasn't sitting at all when we started. She can sit briefly now and is rolling much better especially back to front. Before she was only extended to roll front to back and now she has better form. She still has areas that are affected by the torticollis. She won't roll on the wood floors at all but will on the bed. The pt said that she sees that with kids with torticollis. She is now picking up food herself and feeding herself.

Here is a video of her feeding herself.

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  1. she is so cute, oh my goodness. I love the little sigh she let out and how determined she is to finish what she's eating <3 I didn't know anything about torticollis but I did some research after reading your post. It's good to educate people about these things. She's a strong little lady.