Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Babies and separation anxiety

Cora is going through a major separation anxiety phase. Every time I put her down she gets hysterical. She isn't taking a decent nap by herself right now either. Since the condo is going on the market tomorrow and the cleaning people on craigslist have not been working out I needed to get some cleaning done a lot of which wasn't working out with miss Cora on my back. So it was a frustrating day of putting a sleeping baby down trying to get something done and baby wakes up and gets mad. Or I would put Cora down when she seemed happy give her some toys and try to get something done then Cora cries immediately. Add in Teddy spilling food and rearranging and Delia changing outfits a dozen times and it was a frustrating day.

At least this morning we got out to the park where the kids played happily for a little over 2 hours in weather that warmed up from the 30s to a balmy 40 degrees. Teddy took his gloves off and Delia took her hat and gloves off and no one complained about being cold. I want my kids to enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of weather and made a real effort this winter to take them out despite the conditions. I dressed them warm in layers of wool and fleece and used hand and feet warmers. Teddy had other plans this winter and really does best when it is 30 degrees or more. I think he doesn't like all the layers. Today the kids rode the balance bike climbed on the play equipment and went on the swings. Teddy spent half the time digging win the dirt and snow with shovels and trucks. Delia liked riding the bike down the hill. I hope to spend lots of time outdoors this summer biking hiking and hanging out gardening while the kids play.


  1. Are they wearing the full body rainsuit type thing? Where do you buy those and are they worth the money living here?

  2. I got them at Outdoor Adventure Gear. They were/are having a sale on them. I really like Teddy's even though his was more expensive. This is my first year with them. I been eyeing them up since I been doing hiking groups and looked at thrift stores for them but just decided to buy them this year. I am glad I did. I think they will come in handy for rainy days, puddles, sand and mud, the beach and cool spring and fall days. They are lightweight but they kept the kids warm with just a fleece underneath this time of year but they could run around in them.

  3. I meant outdoor adventure kid. Teddy has the boating suit. Delia has the waterproof adventure suit.