Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Teddy quotes

Now that Teddy is talking more he comes up with pretty funny things at times. Right now Teddy is still having trouble making a lot of sounds. A lot of the sounds he is missing can take a while for kids to pick up but it is funny to see the things he comes up with to get around that. Below is some of the funny stuff he says so I can remember his funny pronounciations and sayings.

When Sammy started eating something he dropped
T: No animal! Bad girl

Teddy What is your name?

Teddy how old are you?
T: Me boy

Teddy where is your ...?
In the water

Teddy what color is your....?
Purple no yeyo

When I told Delia she could go swimming because someone in the earlier class pooped. I heard Teddy pipe up later on the ride home
E pooped in the water.

Delia what letter is that?

Funny prounociations
Coca = Cora
anoa bar = granola bar
water = milk
Colia = Delia
I E= Ice pop
unnies= undies

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