Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today a local radio program about kids did an event about schools in Anchorage. They had a taping you could listen in on and you could go talk to representatives from a couple schools. They had free childcare. I got to talk to a few schools including two of the charter or alternative schools, a montessori school that has an excellent preschool program and a religous school that has an affordable preschool option. We listened to some of the radio talk once the kids got over the car ride grogginess. The cut off for kindergarten in Anchorage is August 30 so Delia misses the cut off with a September birthday.

I looked up the montessori school online. I knew it was one of the more expensive options but it is way out of our price range. The other school had a similar philosphy to Delia's current preschool and the teachers seemed nice but the application asked where we go to church so thats not an option either.

I have been researching the charter options in Anchorage and there are 6 or 7 schools I like that have really good test scores and good philosophies. You get into them by a lottery system where they draw names out of a hat. I figure if I enter all the lotteries I get into at least one. My favorite school has a 10 on great schools and has child based learning. Another one is a language immersion program. These schools have less peer pressure and since parents have to seek them out they tend to have better parental involvement. They all have at least a 8 out of 10 based on test scores. They all make learning fun and they are free for 5  full days.

At Delia's current preschool we will only be able to send her 2 or 3 days depending on if Teddy goes or not and she won't learn as much. Delia meets the kindergarten readiness skills. I'm so annoyed she can't go. Studies show that for kids that don't have disabilities that being the youngest doesn't hurt them as far as test scores go. She will be nearly 19 when she graduates and starts college. I think she would be fine to go to kindergarten. She isn't so ahead that she would qualify for an earlier admission. I can't find Anchorage specific information but the general stuff I found says the child has to be exceptionally advanced and have an IQ of at least 130. Sigh.

I think I will homeschool Delia for kindergarten and I'll send her to preschool for 2 days for social stuff. If we can somehow afford to we might send Teddy too because I think he will benefit from the social aspect of it. I going to do the funnix reading program with her and find a math program and then let her pick what she learns about. I'll have to work on her writing because that is her weak area. I think she is ready to learn kindergarten stuff and this way she can have an option to maybe do 1st grade stuff when she goes to school in 2012. If only my kids could of been born a month or two earlier. All 3 of them just miss the cut off.

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