Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If at first you don't suceed

I have been trying outings again with the kids even after the bad attempts I wrote about. I had some outings that went ok with only a little bit of crying or fussing out of one kid and the others in good moods. This week our outings haven't gone so well. Yesterday we went to value village for their 50% off sale. We had to leave early because Teddy hit and tackled a friend's daughter. I put him in the cart and away from the toy he hit over and he threw a screaming fit over not playing with a "airplane". When he didn't calm down I headed to the register to pay. An older lady give a nasty look and muttered under her breath about me not controlling my child. He screamed the whole time checking out and most of the car ride about an airplane toy.

Today we tried for the outdoor playgroup. It was cold but it was just down the street and the kids were up early. I put hand warmers in their gloves and bundled them all in layers. Delia started complaining about not going sledding and started screaming. I gave her a minute in the car to calm down. Teddy whined the whole time and wanted me to hold him. Delia sat in the sled not playing then started crying about her legs. So much for an all weather playgroup. They were dressed warm in many layers of fleece and wool from their head to their toes but they didn't play at all. A lot of our attemps at playing outside when it is cold end like this. Teddy seems extra sensitive to cold and the kids are younger than Delia and she takes a while to warm to big crowds. She will play with Teddy but he doesn't like being bundled or his face being cold. I wish they would embrace the cold and play. Maybe next winter will go better.

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