Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter blues

By the end of February I am always ready for spring and nicer weather and grass. I don't mind winters and only complain when it is really really cold. I been trying to get the kids out a lot this winter by taking them on outings and hikes and to an all weather playgroup. Unfortunately even with much experimenting on keeping them warm the kids have not been embracing the cold. I dress them in many layers of fleece and wool, the have warm coats, gloves, hats and boots and I even began putting hand warmers in their gloves and socks. On the warmer days they do ok for a little but don't do much playing but on the cold days Teddy complains and makes me hold him and Delia won't warm up to people and play either. Sometimes she enjoys sledding and she will hike but even the good hikes have some whining. I hope they will begin to embrace winters. I will try again next year. I wish they would run around and play in the brisk air and enjoy it like many of the kids do. Delia does enjoy playing outside at school but Teddy's moodiness and the fact that most kids are younger usually keeps her from playing much. At least Cora doesn't mind.

I don't mind winter and like coming in to warm up the snow and the sledding. There are plenty of indoor things to do in Anchorage. I am so ready for spring and to not have to dress in tons of layers and change kids into heavy gear in the back of the car. 

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