Friday, January 21, 2011

Teddy is caught up

Teddy had speech therapy today after a 5 week long break due to the holdiays and us being sick. His therapist said that he is doing great and that his speech is exactly where it should be for his age. She was very happy with all the 2 word phrases he is using and said that the sounds he is missing is very common for his age. 2 months ago Teddy barely had any words so he has come a long way. Yea!!

I just saw a post on mothering that made me sad. A mom was watching a 2 year old boy in her in home day care and he was tackling and pulling down her son. She thought everyone on mothering would have perfect children and that the kid was destined for jail or to be a bully. The kid wasn't even biting or scratching. Just saying stop it and trying to wrestle. I know I should avoid that site but it made me very sad. Most of the advice was to drop the kid from the day care.

I know I should care what others think especially others on I am putting it anyway. Some 2 year old boys are aggresive and it has nothing to do with parenting. A positive environemnt and consistent discipline is needed to deal with the situation but it doesn't solve the problem for all 2 year olds. If you don't have an agresive toddler consider yourself lucky. You get to go out enjoy yourself and not have to helicopter your child around trying to prevent it from happening and then deal with judgement when you let your guard down or your other children need you and it happens.

A 2 year old who is hard to handle, is active, has low frustration tolerance and acts aggresive is not destined for prison or to be a bully. I think it started because Teddy was speech delayed and he didn't know how what else to do. When he tackles he isn't even being aggresive he thinks he is playing and doesn't understand he can hurt other kids. When he scratches throws toys or hits it is because of low impulse cotrol and not knowing what else to do. I am trying to teach him but it isn't sinking in quite yet.

Teddy may act aggresive towards kids his age or younger but he is also a sweet loving little boy. He is affectionate, loves hugs and kisses. He loves his sisters and when adults play with him. He likes to play with his sister's friends and likes older kids. He loves cooking, tools, and playing in pools. He is very social and is not afraid of people. He is learning and hopefully in a year he will be able to play with his peers.

Don't judge him or be horrifed at him or me.

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