Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The postives of having 3 kids 4 and under

Having 3 kids 2 years apart has been harder than I thought. It is crazy at times especially trying to take them out or trying keep the house clean with a wrecking crew. There are definite positives to having 3 kids 4 and under.

One positive is that the kids are close in age but I was able to give them over a full year of breastmilk before my supply dropped due to pregnancy.

The best part is watching the kids interact. They definitely have their moments of sibling rivalry but watching them interact is all worth it. Delia and Teddy share a room right now. Teddy never did well cosleeping. We woke each other up and he nursed constantly in the bed. When I moved him to the crib he still woke a lot. He sleeps so well ever since he is with Delia now. I like doing the bedtime routine together and how they fall asleep at the same time and wake up together.

Teddy and Delia play really well together. I think it part of the reason Teddy didn't start talking until now is because Delia knew what he wanted. Delia used to come to me and tell me whole sentences Teddy was saying before he could talk and she usually was right. Unless she was trying to get him in trouble ; ) I love watching Teddy play develop with Delia. Delia always has been very imaginative. Teddy used to not know exactly what she was doing but he would enjoy playing anyway. Now he takes part more and more in the imaginative stuff. He loves cooking so they both cook together. Delia never was a get into everything kid but Teddy was. Teddy used to get her to cause trouble for him. They play together all day and get goofy, run all over the place, and then play imaginatively. They fight over toys and  bicker then make up and get into trouble.

When Cora was born Delia loved being a big sister. She was always asking to hold her and helping get her diapers or pick out her clothes. She always asks to pick her up. She started calling her favorite baby doll her Cora and she would act out all the things I did with Cora with her Cora. She did that with Teddy too but it is cool to see how much more elaborate it gets as she gets older.

I was worried how Teddy would react to his sister. He never seemed interested in babies and would ignore them. He definitely has his ways of acting out and wanting attention since she was born but he also really likes her. He tells her hi and kisses her. He will ask to hold her and try to pick her up. He has scratched her and thrown things or tried to hit her but he also talks about her and makes her laugh.

I was wondering how Cora would react to such a crazy older brother but she will laugh at him a lot when he is being goofy. He really cracks her up. She also smiles at Delia. I can't wait to see the dynamic between them in another year when Cora is running around with them.

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