Saturday, January 22, 2011

Car rides

I'm lucky in that none of my kids had serious issues with car rides. They all had their fussy moments and  didn't like stopping at lights when they were newbies but they for the most part  they don't mind the car. They started out in convertables or an infant seat without a base for Cora. I learned the art of transfering sleepy babies/toddlers from the car seat to their sleeping spots in the house. In the car my kids are all strapped in and can't cause trouble. My seat has a warmer and it feels really nice on a cold day. I can listen to music and have a moment to think. Teddy will often fall asleep on the ride to Delia's preschool. I used to be reliably able to transfer him and have him continue the nap. Then  for a little while after Cora came along he started waking upon transfer and wouldn't go back to sleep. Thankfully he seems to be napping again.

Getting everyone into the car on time is another story. Even when I start getting ready well in advanced the kids plot against me.

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